NRS Systemwide Support for Steward Professional Training

Stewards contribute in many ways to the successful operation of the NRS. In recognition of these contributions and of the value of the special skills that the stewards bring to their work, the NRS would like to broaden the opportunities for steward professional training and development.
To address this objective, the NRS will provide financial support to NRS reserves to compensate for the costs of two types of activities:
Participation in Courses, Workshops, and Conferences

The NRS systemwide office will allocate up to $3,000 each fiscal year in support of steward professional training and development. Awards of up to $1,000/person/year will be available to support steward participation in activities such as courses, workshops, conferences, and the like that would enhance or expand knowledge and skills that benefit a steward's reserve and/or the NRS. Campus training funds that may be available may be combined with systemwide awards.
To apply for such funds, the Steward should submit a brief proposal (using the attached form) to the Manager of her/his reserve. The Reserve Manager's written approval should be attached to the proposal and forwarded to the NRS Director at UCOP, with a copy to the Associate Director.
Proposals may be submitted on an ongoing basis throughout the year. Stewards may qualify for one award per 12-month period.

The costs incurred by the Steward for participation in such an approved activity will be paid out of her/his reserve or campus funds. Upon completion of the activity, the reserve or campus will forward a request for reimbursement (along with appropriate documentation) to the NRS systemwide office.


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