White Mountain
Cushion buckwheat from White Mountain (Eriogonum ovalifolium var. nivale)/Image credit Lobsang Wangdu

Plants of the UC Natural Reserve System

This is a list of all 3,330 plant species currently known to occur across the 756,500 acres of the NRS system. The list was compiled from existing plant lists from each of the reserves. The taxonomy and nomenclature used reflects recent findings for each species.


This PDF contains an introduction to the dataset, the number of plant species found in each reserve, and a list of the most widespread plants.

This Excel spreadsheet contains

  • An overview of the list
  • A global list of each species at each of the reserves
  • A list of unique plant species across the reserve system
  • A list of plant species alongside temperature, elevation, and precipitation measures from each reserve
  • A table of the most widespread species

The NRS plant list was compiled by Brian P. Haggerty and Susan J. Mazer of the Department of Ecology, Evolution, and Marine Biology, UC Santa Barbara, in support of the California Phenology Project.
Users are invited to submit any problems they might encounter in the dataset, such as misspellings or more recent taxonomic findings, to the authors.
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