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The Environmental Legacy of the UC Natural Reserve System
When University of California researchers saw their research plots and teaching spots destroyed by development, a few forward-thinking faculty devised a way to save examples of California's major ecosystems. The seven reserves established in 1965 have since grown into the world's largest university-administered natural reserve system.

This volume describes the natural and human histories of the system's many reserves, how they are managed, and the central role these lands have played in scientific research, education, and public appreciation of the environment. Stunning photographs of landscapes, plants, and wildlife lend further inspiration to casual readers and prospective reserve users alike.

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Mountain TimeMountain Time
Kenneth S. Norris considered the University of California Natural Reserve System "the most important thing I ever attempted to do." Yet his founding of the UC reserve system was just one of numerous creative expressions of a rich lifetime passionately devoted to learning and teaching about the natural world.

Now you can read about many of his other experiences and insights as a naturalist and "Professor of Natural History" in his final book, Mountain Time / Reflections on the Wild World and Our Place in It. Part memoir, part natural history, part environmental philosophy, Mountain Time is a wholly enjoyable reading experience. Readers who knew Dr. Norris as a colleague, student, or friend say they are delighted to be able to "hear" his unique voice once again.
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