Big Creek Assistant Steward

Fieldwork and maintenance (80%)
Perform, under the supervision of the Senior Steward and Reserve Director, the maintenance, cleaning, repair, and fabrication for reserve facilities, roads and trails, camps, and vehicles.

Facilities, including roofs and gutters, siding, decks, structural supports, flooring, solar power generation and battery systems, indoor and outdoor plumbing, toilets, spring-fed water systems, ventilation, paint, etc. Clear vegetation around facilities for fire safety. Make cosmetic and function repairs and improvements such as refinishing tables and counters, constructing and installing bookshelves, etc. Set, clear, and maintain traps for rodents.

Roads and trails, including clearing and repair, grading, installing and maintaining water bars for drainage using power tools and heavy equipment (tractors and mowers), preparing for seasonal changes, etc. to maintain accessibility. Seasonal or emergency removal of footbridges.

Camps, including cleaning, clearing vegetation, maintaining water system, emptying and ventilating septic tanks, etc. Vehicles, including scheduled maintenance and safety checks, attaching and removing accessories to grade roads and maintain the land, etc. Other field tasks: Monitor and enforce reserve use regulations. Schedule, organize and work with teams of volunteers to assist with appropriate trail and road work. Maintain surveillance on grounds, roads, trails, camps, and access points, taking appropriate action to discourage trespassing and vandalism of reserve facilities and natural systems, and prevent illegal activities.

Repair and maintain tools and equipment to maximize life-cycle and minimize research disruption due to downtime. Arrange for external repairs when needed. Maintain security of equipment susceptible to theft or vandalism. Clarify equipment use and security expectations for researchers, students, and other users of the facilities.

Conduct operations to remove weeds, and maintain vigilance for invasive weeds. Requires the use and maintenance of power tools (i.e. trimmer, chainsaw, hedge cutter, etc.), hand tools (i.e. shovel, Pulaski, McCloud, hand saw, loppers, etc.), and herbicide application equipment.

Identify and prioritize maintenance needs in a timely manner, create supply orders from materials lists, organize supply trips as efficiently as possible, pre-order supplies by phone or internet, arrange outside contract maintenance when required.

Researcher and Class Support 15%
Assist Reserve Director with reviewing Big Creek Reserve user applications in RAMS. Assist with arranging user visits by providing logistical information and answering inquiries.

Greet visitors providing a written or verbal orientation to NRS, Big Creek Reserve, and its facilities. As requested, attend to visitors and provide instruction in the natural history of the area and the flora and fauna. Provide on-site transportation in University vehicles.

Data entry and filing 5%
Maintain work records and maintenance logs for hours, tools, equipment, vehicles, etc. File and enter documents and information (electronically into spreadsheets as well as hard copies), return/make phone calls and emails, etc.

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