UC Natural Reserve System and Chile's CONICYT Fellowship

NRS graduate research flyer

This web page is designed to help potential Chilean graduate students who
  • want to apply to the University of California;
  • are interested in conducting research at one or more UC Natural Reserves; and
  • plan to apply for a Masters or Ph.D. student fellowship through the CONICYT (Comisión Nacional de Investigatión Científica y Tecnológica) program.
All Chilean graduate students who have been accepted into the University of California and meet the other criteria set by CONICYT are eligible for this fellowship.

The process involves three steps:
  1. finding a University of California faculty member to serve as your graduate student advisor
  2. applying to the University of California
  3. applying for the CONICYT fellowship

Finding a faculty advisor

If you're interested in doing research at the Natural Reserve System reserves, it's easiest to start by identifying a potential faculty advisor who actively conducts research at NRS sites.

Below is a list of UC faculty who have worked at NRS sites over the past three years, organized by campus:

UC Berkeley UC Davis UC Los Angeles UC Merced UC Irvine UC Riverside UC San Diego UC Santa Barbara UC Santa Cruz

We encourage you to learn more about these faculty members by visiting their websites, and to contact those you might consider as a graduate advisor.

UC Berkeley
Faculty Research Interests Department
Ronald Amundson Pedology isotope biogeochemistry, impact of climate and life on earth processes, soils in biogeochemical cycles, human impacts on soils and ecosystems Environmental Science, Policy and Management
Doris Bachtrog Evolutionary significance of sex and recombination, the mode and tempo of genome evolution, the genomics of speciation, and the evolution of epigenetic modifications Integrative Biology
John Battles Forest ecology and ecosystem dynamics Environmental Science, Policy and Management
Todd Dawson Physiological plant ecology, stable isotope biogeochemistry Integrative Biology
Damian Elias Behavioral ecology, mechanisms of behavior, acoustic communications Environmental Science, Policy and Management
Paul Fine Origin and maintenance of Amazonian rain forest tree diversity Integrative Biology
Eileen Lacey Evolution of behavioral diversity among vertebrates, ecological causes of sociality, genetic consequences of sociality Integrative Biology
Michael Manga Physical volcanology, geodynamics, hydrogeology, and geomorphology Earth and Planetary Science
Mary Power Freshwater ecology, food webs Integrative Biology
Rudolf Schmid Flora of mediteranean regions, morphology of land plants, history of botany Integrative Biology
Ellen Simms Evolutionary implications of ecological interactions between plants and other organisms Integrative Biology
William Stewart Watershed management, forest management, resource economics Environmental Science, Policy and Management
Jonathon Stillman Drivers of physiological diversity in relation to changes in the marine environment Integrative Biology
Sally Thompson Surface hydrology Civil and Environmental Engineering
Kipling Will Carabid beetles, insect systematics Environmental Science, Policy and Management

UC Davis
Faculty Research Interests Department
Alison Berry Biological nitrogen fixation; root and rhizosphere plant-microbe associations, and applications in agroecology; soil microbial ecology; microbial genomics; tree root architecture; plant nutrition and ecophysiology; microbial deconstruction of cellulosic biomass and microbial biofuels Plant Sciences
Ernest Chang Mechanisms of development and the physiological ecology of marine and other invertebrates, especially those mechanisms involving hormonal and pheromonal cues Bodega Marine Laboratory
Holly Ernest Interdisciplinary applied and basic research in genetics, genomics, biology, and disease ecology for wildlife conservation and population health Veterinary Medicine
Ian Faloona Atmospheric photochemistry, marine biogeochemistry, and the turbulent dynamics of planetary boundary layers Land, Air, and Water Resources
Edwin Grosholz Ecology, conservation and restoration of marine and estuarine systems Environmental Science and Policy
Susan Harrison Plant ecology, patterns of diversity, conservation Environmental Science and Policy
Tessa Hill Geochemistry of microfossils and corals to determine rates and magnitude of climate change and forcing mechanisms behind recent (Quaternary) climate change Geology
Douglas Kelt Ecology and biogeography of mammals, especially small mammals. Emphasis on California and Chile. Wildlife, Fish, and Conservation Biology
Brian Moore Phylogenetics Evolution and Ecology
Steven Morgan Marine ecology, evolution & behavior, biological oceanography, conservation biology, invertebrates, fishes, and plankton Bodega Marine Laboratory
Malcolm North Stand dynamics, disturbance regimes, and ecosystem processes of western coniferous forests Plant Sciences
Jay Rosenheim Insect ecology and biological control Entomology
Eric Sanford Climate change, biogeography, and local adaptation Evolution and Ecology
Karen Shapiro Zoonotic pathogens: epidemiology, transmission, and detection Veterinary Medicine
Youngsuk Suh Photography Art Studio
John Wingfield Neurobiology, physiology and behavior Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior
Louie Yang Behavioral, population, community and ecosystem ecology Entomology

UC Irvine
Faculty Research Interests Department
Timothy Bradley Physiology, ecology, cell biology and pathology of insects Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Kailen Mooney Community ecology, evolutionary ecology, plant-insect interactions Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

UC Los Angeles
Faculty Research Interests Department
Priyanga Amarasekare Mechanisms that maintain biological diversity in variable environments Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Jeanne Arnold Archaeological anthropology Anthropology
Peter Nonacs intersection of evolutionary and behavioral ecology, skew, parental investment, biocontrol of invasive species Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Philip Rundel Adaptations of plants to environmental stress, mediterranean, desert, and tropical ecosystems; environmental sensor arrays for ecological research Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
H. Bradley Shaffer Phylogenetics, population dynamics, amphibians and reptiles Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Thomas Smith Evolutionary ecology, speciation, and conservation of vertebrates, especially in the tropics Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Victoria Sork Using genomic tools and population genetic markers to understand adaptation, population structure and gene flow in plant populations Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

UC Merced
Faculty Research Interests Department
Roger Bales Mountain hydrology Sierra Nevada Research Institute
Michael Beman Marine/aquatic biology, microbial ecology, and biogeochemistry Sierra Nevada Research Institute
Benoit Dayrat Ecology Sierra Nevada Research Institute
Martha Conklin Biogeochemistry, groundwater, K-12 environmental education Sierra Nevada Research Institute
Carolin Frank Genome evolution in prokaryotes and yeast Sierra Nevada Research Institute
Qinghua Guo Remote sensing, geocomputation, landscape ecology Sierra Nevada Research Institute
Steve Hart Terrestrial ecosystems Sierra Nevada Research Institute
Kathleen Hull Anthropological archaeology Sierra Nevada Research Institute
Lara Kueppers Climate-ecosystem feedbacks, regional climate change, land-use change Sierra Nevada Research Institute
Anthony Westerling Climate-wildfire connections ,environmental policy Sierra Nevada Research Institute

UC Riverside
Faculty Research Interests Department
Edith Allen Restoration ecology Botany and Plant Sciences
James Baldwin Nematode evolution Nematology
Paul De Ley Ecology, phylogeny, and taxonomy of nematodes Nematology
Kimberly Hammond Animal physiological ecology and evolutionary physiology; how anatomical and physiological capacities meet environmental demands Biology
Tim Higham Biomechanics Biology
Michael Rust Urban entomology, pest biology Entomology

UC San Diego
Faculty Research Interests Department
Elsa Cleland Global environmental changes and their impacts on community ecology and ecosystem ecology Ecology, Behavior and Evolution
Paul Dayton benthic ecology, marine conservation and policy, evolution and natural history, general ecology Scripps Institution of Oceanography
David Holway Biological invasions Division of Biological Sciences
Carolyn Kurle Foraging ecology, isotope biogeochemistry, conservation Ecology, Behavior, and Evolution
Lisa Levin Larval dispersal and population connectivity; ecology of deep-sea reducing environments and soft-sediment habitats wetlands restoration; species invasions Scripps Institution of Oceanography
James Nieh Evolution of foraging communication behavior in social bees, honeybee health Biological Sciences
Kaustuv Roy Spatial gradients in biodiversity, biotic effects of climate change Ecology, Behavior and Evolution
Jonathan Shurin Connections between population, community, and ecosystem ecology in aquatic environments Ecology, Behavior and Evolution

UC Santa Barbara
Faculty Research Interests Department
Peter Alagona Environmental history, history of land use and natural resource management History and Environmental Studies
Bodo Bookhagen Quaternary climate change, geomorphic processes, landscape evolution, tectonic processes Geography Department
Cherie Briggs Theoretical ecology, disease ecology, population dynamics, systems biology, sudden oak death, chytrid fungus, parasitoid coexistence Ecology, Evolution, and Marine Biology
Carla d'Antonio Plant and ecosystem ecology, invasive species, species effects on ecosystem processes, restoration ecology Ecology, Evolution, and Marine Biology
Frank Davis Application of conservation science and geographical analysis to land use planning and conservation of wild species Bren School of Environmental Science and Management
Lynn Gamble Sociopolitical complexity among hunter-gatherer societies in southern California, especially the Chumash Anthropology
Scott Hodges Plant evolutionary biology, molecular approaches to population biology, ecological genetics, systematics Ecology, Evolution, and Marine Biology
Sally Holbrook Community ecology; marine vertebrate predation and competition Ecology, Evolution, and Marine Biology
Patricia Holden Environmental microbiology; coastal water qualitiy in urban environments; interactions of soil, water, nutrients on deep-soil bacterial processes Bren School of Environmental Science and Management
Jonathan Levine Factors controlling exotic plant invasions, species diversity and ecosystem function, determinants of commonness, rarity, coexistence Ecology, Evolution, and Marine Biology
Philip Lubin Experimental cosmology, early universe studies, high altitude balloon-borne astrophysics Physics
John Melack Ecological processes in lakes, wetlands, and streams Bren School of Environmental Science and Management
William Rice Genetic basis of evolution; speciation, adaptive significance of sexual recombination, intersexual antagonistic coevolution, sex chromosomes Ecology, Evolution, and Marine Biology
Josh Schimel Soil ecology; microbial controls of ecosystem processes; terrestrial biogeochemistry Ecology, Evolution, and Marine Biology
Alexander Simms Coastal sediments, Holocene sea levels, stratigraphy Earth Science

UC Santa Cruz
Faculty Research Interests Department
Daniel Costa Physiological ecology of marine mammals and birds Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Don Croll Marine ecology, marine conservation biology Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Noah Finnegan Geomorphology, active tectonics Earth and Planetary Sciences
Laurel Fox Population and community ecology, plant-herbivore interactions Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Melissa Gwyn Painting, drawing, growth and collapse through naturalistic and abstract organic imagery Art
Karen Holl Factors limiting recovery of ecosystems from human-induced disturbance, restoration strategies Environmental Studies
Bruce Lyon Ecological and evolutionary basis of reproductive strategies and social behavior in animals, reproductive parasitism, parental care, mating systems Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Ingrid Parker Plant ecology, biology of species invasions, plant distribution and abundance, plant-insect mutualisms, plant-pathogen interactions Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Jarmila Pittermann Plant physiology, adaptive strategies underlying physiological and morphological diversity, effects of climate change on California flora Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Barry Sinervo Behavioral ecology, natural and sexual selection on reproduction, behavior, reptilian communities, speciation Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Applying to the University of California

Once you have identified a UC faculty member willing to sponsor you as a graduate student, you must apply for acceptance into the University of California.

Learn more about graduate admissions at the University of California here: http://graduate.universityofcalifornia.edu/admissions/

Applying for the CONICYT fellowship Once you have been accepted into a University of California graduate program, you are eligible to apply for the CONICYT fellowship.

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